Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog about the wonders of human behaviour and the kind of habits, beliefs and secrets that can create limitations for us.

I am so fascinated with the positive effects that working with our shadows can have for us that I made it my coaching job years ago and now part of my blog, too.

When we have the curiosity and willingness to listen to our own inner wisdom and embrace all that we are (anyway): The good, the bad, the perfect, and the imperfect – then we set ourselves free to create the kind of joy, peace and inspiration we might be searching for.

This blog is also about my passion for family life, books and art – and all other things that support me living an inspired life. My wish and intention with my blog is it will inspire you, too!

I hope you will be generous with your comments, so we can connect and share our thoughts.

With love and appreciation,


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