About Lulu

As much as we, as human beings, prefer to feel good, have success and be happy all the time – it is often during the darkest, most difficult times we end up having the greatest opportunities for big shifts towards something new and even better to happen!

Looking back, my journey has been like that.

Working hard, I had managed to achieve a lot: A great academic and then corporate career, an amazing husband, two healthy kids and financial abundance. However, deep down, I still felt empty and could not understand why I was not feeling content despite my apparent successes.

I started searching for a way to figure out what was going on and came across Debbie Ford’s emotional education and Shadow work delivered through The Ford Institute for Transformational Change.

I set my goal to become happy and powerful and then discovered that behind the successful façade I had built for myself, I was feeling bad about just about everything: Who I was, what I said, what I did and what I believed in.  I realised that I felt more like hiding myself and holding myself back rather than moving towards new goals.

I also discovered that I had bottled up so much undigested shame, guilt, sadness, anger and other unwanted emotions. One of the big realisations was that this pattern of hiding my emotions was with me wherever I went and whatever I was doing – but that I had the power to change it myself – rather than be a victim of it!

Learning all the new tools and that we all hold this ability to powerfully shift perspectives – turned my inner life upside down, and I now feel truly content and powerful.

Approaching life from the perspective that I am fine with all that I am, and that I have all the answers I need within already (rather than searching in the outer world), has provided me with the calmness, inner peace and joy I was always looking for.

I also found my true career passion within this work and I can honestly say I am inspired every day by the courage of the clients and the work we do together.

In short, I support women to find their own voice, strength and joy through the tools and processes of Integrative Coaching.

Contact me today – I would love to help you start your journey to finding and believing in yourself, too!


Lulu x


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