Business Coaching

The value of emotional intelligence and emotional education in business settings is indisputable and greatly acknowledged. The workshops and coaching that Lulu Mahaini creates and delivers can provide companies with new tools and perspectives, that strengthen emotional awareness and control for all employees.

Depending on the specific needs of the company, Lulu will either design a workshop to suit the exact needs and requests of the company or existing business workshops can be delivered.

Examples of workshops available:

Communication Dynamics

This workshop helps participants understand the dynamics of communication between people, both in the workplace and privately so the participants can become more effective and empathetic in their interactions with others.

Emotional Education

This workshop provides deep understanding of self and others. Participants will learn to recognise and let go of limiting beliefs and limiting behavioural patterns. Learning about the human shadow and self talk is very powerful and effective: Thoughts affect feelings which in turn affect performance of the individual and results for the corporation.


Feelings of low energy, stress, overwhelm, procrastination and lack of focus can also be the focus of a workshop which can greatly increase effectiveness, performance and job satisfaction.

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