Thank you for the session you provided at our global sales meeting on ” Communicating for Cooperation and Success”.

Though I was already familiar with many of the principals and techniques you suggested, I found that your style if presentation turned these principals into practical methods that people can bring into their daily interactions.

You provided our organisation with a common framework to improve our communications that is both effective and fun. Throughout the days following your presentation, people were using your ideas across a wide range of social and business activities.

In a highly competitive environment with lots of change, having practical methods to maintain a sense of balance and keep a smile on your face are important to our staff’s sense of job satisfaction. Thank you for providing our team with your insight.

Director Global Project Operations, Anritsu Corporation

The mentor process with Lulu helped me put words and pictures to my life vision and to prioritize how much time and energy I wish to invest in the different areas of my life considering each day only has 24 hours.


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