Inspiration Lounge

In 2008 I started an inspirational discussion group by the name “Inspiration Lounge”. I have now hosted Inspiration Lounge in United Arab Emirates and Denmark. Over the years of running Inspiration Lounge, I have been blown away by just how many people are longing to be inspired and stay positive and open to all that life has to offer!

The intention of Inspiration Lounge is to introduce an inspirational topic followed by discussion by the participants. Each time there is a new topic and it can take various forms. For example watching an inspirational video, reading and inspirational book or listening to an inspirational story presented by a volunteer from the group or an outside guest.

So far, some of the Inspiration Lounge topics have been:

  • The Secret – A viewing and review of the movie
  • Create your Vision Board – Lulu Mahaini
  • Eat, Pray, Love – A review of the book by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Happiness – Mette and Rikke Ebel of Ebel Signature
  • Leaving Microsoft to change the world – A review of the book by John Wood
  • Allow yourself to blossom – your only limitation is you! – Lulu Mahaini

The meetings are open to all adults; the only requirement is that you have an interest in being inspired.

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