Private Coaching

Private Coaching is one-to-one Coaching led by Lulu Mahaini conducted over Skype.

Get to know yourself at a deep level, see your self-created limitations and learn how to love all that you find – so you can create what you want!

Choose one of the following processes:

Blueprint Coaching Process (13 Weeks)
In the beginning of this process the client will create a vision for what they want their life to look like and set a specific goal to achieve something tangible by the end of the 13 weeks. The actions towards achieving the goal are used to bring to the consciousness individuals blueprint for how they operate and gives them tools to facilitate changing their own blueprint. These are pre-structured coaching sessions including an “Inner Wisdom – guided meditation” process in each session.

Healing Your Heart Coaching Process (13 Weeks)
This process enable the client to heal the wounds around relationships. The focus of can be any kind of relationship that feels painful or frustrating: Current partner, ex-partner, parent, child, friend, boss, co-worker. The tools and inner processes which are shared each week through this process are used to bring relief and strength back into the clients life. All sessions are pre-structured coaching sessions including an “Inner Wisdom – guided meditation” process in each session.

Courage Coaching Process (10 Weeks)
The clients are led through the proven Courage Coaching process and learns the guiding principles to access a new kind of confidence and courage. This process transforms weakness to strength, insecurity to confidence, and fear to courage.
The Courage Coaching process is based on Debbie Ford’s book Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence, and is created to enable the client to experience a new kind of courage and confidence that will propel her/him into an infinitely beautiful and inspiring future.

Future Focused Coaching Process (6 Weeks)
Designed to be an introduction to coaching…to allow clients to experience the power of this work and for them to achieve one significant result in a short time covers goal & vision, expectations, beliefs, excuses, judgments, now & expanded vision.
Become the parent you want to be – Coaching Process (5 Weeks) This process guides the client to create a vision for who they want to be as a parent and takes a loving approach on how to acknowledge and then shift current patterns, behaviour and challenges. In each session separate tools will be presented and the client will be taken through a guided inner process to find the best answers and actions steps for the week.

Client Driven Coaching (determined by you)
Sessions are driven by current needs of the client and has no pre-determined structure and process.

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