Success Stories

The success, happiness and achievements of clients as a result of their coaching with Lulu is what drives her passion for the work. Enjoy reading their successes, and get an idea of what is possible for you:


Having suffered with depression through my 20’s, I had tried pretty much everything to change my life around: Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Antidepressants, Diet changes, Stopping working, More sleep, Meditation etc. The list goes on…

Then I met Lulu and signed up to watch Debbie Ford’s “The Shadow Effect” Movie with her.

From that moment onwards my life turned around. I knew that I could change my perspectives and step out of my story but that I needed the right support in place to do that.

I signed up with Lulu for the 13 Week one-on-one Breakthrough Coaching Programme. And wow did I have a Breakthrough. The thing I truly loved about the Coaching is that unlike other Counselling I had tried, I did not need to have answers to questions about why I behave in certain ways or which steps I need to take next. The answers just come through this unique style of coaching with Lulu’s expert guidance.

The goal I started with at the beginning of the programme totally changed as we progressed through the 13 weeks and I uncovered an unconscious addiction I had and addressed it. The realization that it is possible to change any area of my life still lives with me today 6 years later. I found the work so powerful, I even went onto train as an Integrative Coach with The Ford Institute.

Laura Ali

I have become a happier and more content person.


I have learnt to acknowledge myself for the things I have achieved. The process gives you self-insight and is super inspiring. It has helped me realise my dream of becoming an exhibiting artist.


In the fast-paced lifestyle of Dubai, it’s been great to have this 8 week, intense course, where like minded women meet to share frustrations, ups and downs and most importantly have gained tools that can instantly support and change habits and patterns.

The course has served as a great reminder of what’s really important and how a little amount of effort can facilitate huge change.


I’m very happy to now have an emotional “toolbox “ full of tools that I can use when I stand in inner or outer conflicts, or when I have tasks, feelings or people that overwhelm me. I have a whole new understanding of myself, which has resulted in me becoming my own best friend.

Tine Kaalund

Through getting insights into my behavioral patterns, my body and brain work more harmoniously together.

Mona Praem Fussing

This course has helped me be more responsible with myself. It has got me to look deeper into my past and my background to understand different patterns in my life that I have struggled with.


The coaching process has put a lot of my behavioural patterns into perspective. I see myself differently than before. The coaching process has shaken me up and forced me to confront myself and embrace love and compassion around reaching my goals.


I have greater self-insight and I realised I already have all the qualities needed to work, focus and reach my goals.

Thanks Lulu!

Malene Koch

The mentor process with Lulu helped me put words and pictures to my life vision and to prioritize how much time and energy I wish to invest in the different areas of my life considering each day only has 24 hours.