Having suffered with depression through my 20’s, I had tried pretty much everything to change my life around: Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Antidepressants, Diet changes, Stopping working, More sleep, Meditation etc. The list goes on…

Then I met Lulu and signed up to watch Debbie Ford’s “The Shadow Effect” Movie with her.

From that moment onwards my life turned around. I knew that I could change my perspectives and step out of my story but that I needed the right support in place to do that.

I signed up with Lulu for the 13 Week one-on-one Breakthrough Coaching Programme. And wow did I have a Breakthrough. The thing I truly loved about the Coaching is that unlike other Counselling I had tried, I did not need to have answers to questions about why I behave in certain ways or which steps I need to take next. The answers just come through this unique style of coaching with Lulu’s expert guidance.

The goal I started with at the beginning of the programme totally changed as we progressed through the 13 weeks and I uncovered an unconscious addiction I had and addressed it. The realization that it is possible to change any area of my life still lives with me today 6 years later. I found the work so powerful, I even went onto train as an Integrative Coach with The Ford Institute.

Laura Ali