I just finished a group coaching course with Lulu Mahaini and am deeply impressed about the big shift I experienced in myself and the world around me and still feel it now after experiencing Debbie Ford’s work. The energy in the group was very high and inspiring. I have, amongst other valuable pieces of information, learned to differentiate between a vision and a realistic goal and how to achieve my goals by taking action steps. I took little steps one week after the other that I myself came up with in the “inner process” – a guided meditation after exchange of experiences and the theory about a certain topic chosen by our fantastic coach Lulu.

Each session was very clearly structured and divided into a theoretical part and a more practical one – the inner process. I knew as a participant what to expect when and what was sort of expected of me. Of course it was in my hands to participate as much or as little as it felt right for me. Lulu is a very experienced integrative Coach who lives what she teaches and she radiates this inner wisdom. She stayed calm, friendly and patient at all times and took chances in showing us what we could work on as individuals by using her own examples and issues. Brilliant! She has this way of asking the right questions without crossing the right lines and she gave me the space I needed to come up with my own answers since only those are the ones that matter.

I always had an option to get in touch with Lulu during the week via email if necessary which felt reassuring to me. I can highly recommend Lulu who guided me through this program and helped me focus on the relevant issues and assisted me to find the distance from the daily distracting drama.

Thank you very much Lulu, This year is going to be a very good one for me.